Single Gemstone Gap Filler
Single Gemstone Gap Filler

Single Gemstone Gap Filler

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  • Diamond .02-.25 ct.
    • F color, VS clarity 
  • Natural Gemstones A-AA grade.
  • Use last photo to note where you want your design in your cart under the "Special instructions for seller" section.
    • Ex. Between teeth 8 and 9
  • Please note, you will need to obtain your impressions from your dentist or a self impression kit (Amazon-Teeth Impression Kit). Also, we can not create a grill for any teeth with a permanent retainer.
  • You will send your impression to the address provided after you've made your non-refundable payment
  • Due to high volume allow 4 weeks for processing after we've received your impression.
*Need a different design? Place a custom order via our Custom Grillz form.